There is intended for treatment of integuments.

Solution of a fucorcinum has antiseptic, drying, antifungal properties.

Recommendations to application:
- fungal and pustulous diseases of skin;
- grazes, cracks and erosion of skin; 
- diaper rash;
- chickenpox, herpes.

Access without a prescription.

Method of application:
Outwardly, for individual application.
The damaged sites of skin pointwise treated by solution 2-4 times a day.

- Using of the device is contraindicated at idiosyncrasy of the used solution.
- Not to apply a product on extensive sites of skin.
- There might be a sort-term feeling of burning when you use the product, but it will immediately disappear.
- Solution has a peculiar smell and red color.
- May stain clothes.

To store the device densely closed in the inaccessible for children and protected from light place, at a temperature not above 25 °C.

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