About company

About the company

The limited liability company "LEKKER" was created in 2000 based on the unique medical products "Lekker". Today, this successful small business, producing for 12 positions, antiseptic, headed by General Director Vladimir Denisov – inventor of the device "Lekker" and the owner of the patents.

The company's products are designed for prevention of wound infection in the home and first aid. It is widely sold through the pharmacy network in the country. The widespread distribution of products helps to reduce skin diseases and the risk of complications associated with damage to the skin of Russia's population, and improves the quality of life of people.

Products are well established among consumers enjoy a wide and steady demand in the country and abroad. The company's products successfully tested in the departments of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation and received a positive expert opinion to supply to supply the Armed Forces of the country.

OOO "LEKKER" is continuously improving its production technology, as well as working to improve consumer properties of their products. The constant work on improving competitiveness has helped the company to survive the economic crisis.

In current plans of management – extension of activities of the company through the introduction of fundamentally new and innovative products in the production line of the enterprise. Ideas for these projects are based on the creation of new options for the use of antiseptic agents applied in everyday life of ordinary people, as well as in professional medical institutions. Currently, the company has significant growth potential in 60-70% of the market of antiseptics, which is about 500 – 600 mln. R. every year. The implementation of these plans will create about 100 jobs, and the budget of the region to get the corresponding tax revenues.