Information for customers of the company

It is possible to achieve high quality service (from the point of view of the organization), brought to the automatism (and automated), but not notice when this particular client. In this case, priority will be standards of service, not customer experience and loyalty. Importantly, the accuracy, speed, performance, repeatability. Practically, this is the characteristics of the pipeline. The question returns whether the client tomorrow, decided whether his problem whether he is satisfied with the service, behind the scenes of the process "quality service".

An example of this can be large companies that strive for high performance processes, including customer service. And if yesterday it was to their advantage, today, in connection with growth of requirements of consumers to the individual service, it is rather competitive weakness.

As a result of this client service, client forced to listen to the voice of answering machine: "Thank you for contacting our company, all operators are busy, you will answer in the order queue". Again, all in turn! Isn't motivation occurs (throwing up), satisfaction – no.